S.Africa CoronaVirus Lockdown – Will Black on White crime drop massively?


One take-away I have from observing the country during this lockdown is that with less blacks wandering around and driving around, whether in fact we’ll have a MASSIVE drop in black crime?

There are a number of positives I’m seeing in this stupid lockdown. Another one is social distancing. Its lovely that blacks are not walking up and literally pressing against you when you’re in queues. Social distancing… I’m loving it! The stores are all marked out with red tape showing social distancing. I hope this can REMAIN as a permanent feature!!!

I’ll show photos of all this later.

I think one big PLUS might be a massive drop in crime against whites!

Hey, if lockdown is the new Apartheid … I bloody like it!

The only negative so far seems to be that there will be more AIR POLLUTION from the blacks sitting in the townships!

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