William F. Buckley: The Man who destroyed the American Right Wing – Patrick Buchanan – A Good man who knew about the filthy Jews?

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2005: Civil War II: The Coming Breakup of America
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[Someone I have a lot of respect for, and whose been around for a long time, answered a question I posed: How was it that the American Right Wing was DESTROYED? He cited Buckley as the key person. Buckley also worked for the CIA. Buckley admitted that he wanted to remove racism and anti-semitism from the conservative movement. Another possible good guy is Joe Sobran – whom I know nothing about. But Patrick Buchanan comes out looking pretty good. Jan]

This is from wikipedia:
Opposition to antisemitism

During the 1950s, Buckley worked to remove antisemitism from the conservative movement and barred antisemites from working for National Review.[143]

When Norman Podhoretz demanded that the conservative movement banish paleoconservative columnists Patrick Buchanan and Joseph Sobran, who, according to cultural critic Jeffrey Hart, had promulgated a "a neoisolationist nativism tinged with anti-Semitism", Buckley would have none of it, and wrote that Buchanan and Sobran (a colleague of Buckley and formerly a senior editor of National Review) were not anti-Semitic but anti-Israel.[146]

In 1991, Buckley wrote a 40,000-word article denouncing Buchanan. He wrote, "I find it impossible to defend Pat Buchanan against the charge that what he did and said during the period under examination amounted to anti-Semitism",[147][148] but concluded: "If you ask, do I think Pat Buchanan is an anti-Semite, my answer is he is not one. But I think he’s said some anti-Semitic things".[149]

Conservative Roger Scruton wrote: "Buckley used the pages of the National Review to distance conservatism from anti-Semitism, and from any other kind of racial stereotyping. The important goal, for him, was to establish a believable stance towards the modern world, in which all Americans, whatever their race or background, could be included, and which would uphold the religious and social traditions of the American people, as well as the institutions of government as the Founders had conceived them".[150]

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_F._Buckley_Jr.

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