WHITES WILL CHANGE: FANTASTIC NEWS: USA: Nobody believes the MSM – It’s like the Soviet Union


[This is a note I got from one of my longest standing American friends. Now what he says is fantastic news. In about 1992, when I had my first ever direct contact with Americans on the precursor to the Internet, Americans believed EVERYTHING they were told. They were very different to what they are like today. They were drowned in Liberal junk and believed almost all of it, except for the handful of racialists like Tom Metzger, Dr Pierce, etc. It seems even the sacred "Holocaust" is not what it once was. This is the best news. This is what I was trying to tell other Whites I've been speaking to … THAT PEOPLE CHANGE. Just because today, things look impossible, does not mean it will remain that way. As PEOPLE CHANGE… you will see amazing things. So whenever you get a chance, just talk to other Whites and share stuff with them. Just keep prodding Whites. ENORMOUS THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. Once people's minds have changed … you had better get ready for the wildest ride of your life. I think the Jewish hold on the world is breaking down. But we must all just keep pushing for all we're worth. What he says also applies to here in southern Africa. I've seen how people, even the Blacks change. In Zimbabwe, nobody believes anything, and South Africa is heading down that path. It's wonderful.  Jan]

This is what my friend wrote:

1] About twenty years ago I was talking to a Russian co-worker of mine and was asking him about Communism, specifically what things were like near the end of the USSR and he told me something that stuck with me. He said towards the end, NO ONE with half a brain believed the state propaganda that came out, and in fact PRAVDA was read as a daily joke by most anyone with a brain. Now, at the time, I found this disheartening, because it seemed to me that most Americans actually DO believe the real bona-fide party line, but… I can honestly tell you, it’s now reached a point where if you meet someone who is fairly intelligent, they are not believing the standard CNN/MSNBC/New York Times narrative on things. I’ve even seen a large shift in that once beyond-sacred shibboleth "The Holocaust". Plus, even Americans of all political stripes have an all time distrust in the mainstream media — just look at the recent Joe Rogan interview with Dr. Malone as indication of what’s going on. Even "hippie vegan yoga" ex-junkie Russell Brand has been putting out some surprisingly good content on how full of shit these people are. We are not anywhere near out of the woods yet, but these liars have been in such a self-referential echo chamber for so long (with no real opposition) that they honestly do not know how to do anything other than lie. Plus, when I watch the mainstream news with my parents, all of the ads are for things like adult diapers, hearing aids, and life insurance — point being, hardly anyone watches the mainstream news anymore.

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