Jewish Garbage as US Diplomats: Blinken Vs China and Russia – My Comments


[This note below is from one of the Americans I have known the longest. We go back about 20 years. See my American friend's comments on the Jewish bag of shit Blinken. I'm very delighted to also see that Americans are furious over Afghanistan and the the "wars for Democracy" translation: Wars to kill Israel's enemies. I remember originally, that the US Government said that these wars for "democracy" would last 30 years. It pleases me intensely to see that 21 years later Americans are sick of dying for Jewish Israel. My friend's comments on Jews being unable to lead. That's a whole different topic. But I will agree, Jews are making the USA look retarded. Nobody in the real world actually believe the homo-race-mixed junk. Though I see Jews pushing it everywhere. I think that with the Jews we are seeing a lot of old trends simply reaching their end game. If Whites can just keep pushing forward … and red pilling other Whites … you'll see amazing change in the years ahead. It's time to roll up our sleeves and get stuck into all political, military and power games. Whites need to seize POWER in so many countries! Jan]

My friend wrote:-

[2] I saw our (Jew) Secretary of State on TV this morning doing some really pathetic, half-assed "tough talking" to Russia, and I realized just how pathetic and effete most of these Jew bureaucrats are. They’ve been operating via subterfuge behind the scenes for so many years in a sneaky, shadow manner but when they actually come out into the open it’s clear they really don’t know how to do anything but manipulate subversively, not actively lead. Anthony Blinken came across as a weak, spineless, clueless lifetime bureaucrat — the type of guy who probably went to some elite private high school/college, worked for one of uncle’s friends, etc. and has probably never been in a fight in his life. My visceral impression was… "So THESE are the people that think they are now going to take over China and Russia by gunpoint with their homosexual, race-mixed military?" I think we are near an inflection point where not only is the government hopelessly corrupt, but it is incompetent as well. Most Americans are still fuming about the utter idiocy and incompetence regarding Afghanistan and no one has the appetite for another war for "democracy" (or whatever bullshit these Jews think we are expected to go die for.)

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