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Video: Jewish Mind Games & Henry Kissinger
This is an analysis of Jews at work and their bold bullshit. I specifically discuss the Jew Henry Kissinger.

I want extract a few sentences from the article about #blackmonday. One message that it is important for all of you to understand is not to always be obsessed with our weaknesses and our problems as whites. Despite our problems, it is critical to also see what our enemies think of us and how they assess us.

Here are some excerpts from an article by an Indian senior editor regarding #BlackMonday. The Indians are very wakey wakey and dangerous to whites as I discovered during my time in the corporate world. Read this:

Our country‚ meanwhile‚ has to navigate an escalating economic crisis for which there are no easy answers. This at a time when poverty and unemployment levels are mounting and social demands on the fiscus are intensifying. So‚ what better time for a white nationalist revival?

Nothing fuels racism and white supremacy more than black failure. Add to the cocktail the belief of false victimisation and voila: #BlackMonday!

The regrouping of the right wing in South Africa is‚ in fact‚ long overdue.

The alt-right in the United States achieved a stunning triumph through the election of Donald Trump and has allowed white nationalism to make a comeback – replete with Nazi symbols and tiki torches.

Nothing fuels racism and white supremacy more than black failure.

The right-wing resurgence is also evident in Europe‚ with the refugee crisis providing platforms for racists to campaign for the preservation of culture‚ identity‚ religion and security.

But South Africa was always the jewel in the crown of white supremacy.

From 1948 to 1994‚ racial segregation and discrimination were institutionalised by a whites-only government‚ elevating the oppression of the colonial rulers against the indigenous peoples to dizzying heights.

Apartheid planning‚ education and economic disparities will continue to haunt generations to come in this country. Deeply ingrained convictions of white supremacy and black inferiority were somewhat cloaked during the era of democratic governance.

Look at the many comments in there about the rise of the Alt-Right and its shock effect in the USA with the election of Trump! (Exactly what Alex Linder has been saying all along). Note too the mention of the rise of the Right in Europe.

Our enemies are clearly seeing the rise of the whites and NOT LIKING IT.

But take note of the opinion that South Africa has always been the JEWEL in the crown of white supremacy. I have never thought of us in those terms. But perhaps its true since NAZI Germany was crushed by the world (including fools among us in Africa – My own uncle being one such idiot who fought for the stupid Jewish “Allies”). But the point is that South Africa under Boer control during Apartheid had something of a special place in the view of “White Supremacists”.

So ponder that. Do you agree?

The point is that since the loss of NAZI Germany, Fascist Italy, Fascist Spain and their allies (like Romania), South Africa under Apartheid was the last remaining openly white racist state left in the world. This is good for us Boers and whites here. It means that despite our tiny numbers we have a certain value for our race and for those who are concerned about our race.

What we must see of course is the rise of our entire race WORLDWIDE and ESPECIALLY in EUROPE!

But this article gives some perspective on the position of the Boer because it is the Boer/Afrikaner who created Apartheid.

Notice especially the mention that nothing fuels white supremacism like LIKE BLACK FAILURE! Of course! Because that proves we were right. Now our enemies therefore are cognisant of black failure and I assure you that they will LIE THROUGH THEIR TEETH BECAUSE THEY KNOW THE EFFECT OF THE TRUTH ON US! This is a very important point. The Jews and Liberals spend a LOT of time hiding the TRUTH from us and the world because they know it will kick start us in a big way.

So its worth reading and pondering the opinions of our enemy. This is not written for our consumption but for their wide Liberal/Non-White audience. Its thus an honest opinion of that group about us.

Also take special note of the final sentences (“die vaderland” is afrikaans meaning: “The Fatherland”:
From rhetoric about radical economic transformation to melancholy over “die vaderland”‚ South Africa is in a dangerous and confused space.

White nationalism‚ however‚ should never be allowed space to flourish in our already besieged nation.

So notice the last sentence above. “White Nationalism SHOULD NEVER BE ALLOWED TO FLOURISH in our nation”. That means we are Enemy No 1.

This means that anything we do will be met with the maximum reaction from the masses of non-whites as well as the confused white Liberals. These are our future enemies and this is how we are seen.

So think about that!

But all this is good. We have to move forward regardless.

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