South African Economic Chaos caused by the dumb COVID-19 lockdown


Here are some points which will show you how bad things are now that they’ve done this lockdown:-

  1. 1/3rd of SA tenants could not pay their rent this month. (Note: The property industry is totally Jew controlled to the level of 80-95% – so these will be Jews who lose income – which is good).

  2. They estimate that less than 15% of South Africans, and in come industries, only 5%, will get a full month’s salary at the end of May 2020!!! Many parts of the economy are shattered by the 5 week lock down.

  3. Food shortages are a big potential problem. We now have the possibility of food shortages. The blacks are saying that they will die of starvation before COVID gets to them. I was saying the same thing to my friends, family and supporters here in SA.

  4. Crime will explode through the roof after lockdown is lifted. Even a partial lift of lockdown, might cause crime to shoot up again.

  5. They’re currently expecting the economy to sink by between 5.8%-6.1% but this is only based, so far on the 5 weeks of lockdown. We have not seen what PARTIAL LOCKDOWN will bring. I suspect much more problems will arise.

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