Whites, Jews and Guns in the USA

[This is a very interesting note sent to me by a very solid supporter. This shows also the nonsense that we Whites experience when it comes to MONEY. We need to put our own racial agenda ahead of money. We have the same problem here in South Africa. Jan]

My supporter wrote:

There is something you should know about owning guns in the USA. As you know, we have gun shows all over the USA, where you can buy and sell guns, ammo, and other weapons and prepping supplies.

What you DONT KNOW, is that it is many scumbag white vendors at these gun shows that fall all over themselves to sell guns and ammo to niggers, spics and any other non-white that comes along. They figure they can get a quick sale as they mongrels buy anything. I got so mad at these so-called good ol boys I quit going to the shows. The white man will literally sell the weapons to our enemies that they will use to kill us with.
I am disgusted with the ignorance and short sightedness of the white race, they are completely JEWIZED and would sell their mother for a few jew shekels.

At one time the gun shows were almost 100% white, but the greed of these whites allowed the non-whites to come into the shows and they fell all over each other to sell to the niggers. Jews buy secretly from other Jew gun dealers where they can buy illegal weapons with no paperwork. Whites are too stupid to do this. Jews are big in
selling surplus weapons and such, at huge profits made on dumb ass whites.

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