Whites don’t understand Muslims – Arab Muslims – The Correct way to view them

I made this point in an email to some people. We have many Muslims in South Africa, and I’ve observed them and their values. Whites, especially White Christians are missing the critical point here.

This is what I wrote:
Muslims themselves are misunderstood. When I look at Muslims, and we have plenty here in SA, I’m telling you that ISLAM is the Arab Version of "The White Right". Islam=Arab Right Wing=Return of the Ottoman Empire. You could say Islam are the "NAZIS" of the Arabs. They are in their "NAZI" mode and have been for decades. It is them IN THE NATURAL STATE THEY WANT TO BE IN. Just like Communism, has become the natural state for Blacks (sort of). If we Whites were in OUR NATURAL STATE (White Right), we would be right at home. The Muslims have been in that mode for several decades already. ALL RACES WILL RETURN TO THEIR NATURAL STATE. Jews PREVENT US FROM BEING IN OUR NATURAL STATE.

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