White Soldiers of the Western World: YOU ARE BEING USED & ABUSED for Junk Jewish causes

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PW Botha is a Boer who became the 2nd last President under Apartheid. He was the man most responsible for the immense, first class military force known as the SADF. The SADF was the most powerful military force in all of Africa.

[A good American friend of mine sent me this note which comes from another American. All White males out there are being sent to kill or die for Jews and for the wealthy. All the goals are anti-White and ultimately do not benefit your own nation. There are times to fight for one's freedom and for real things. But all modern governments, without exception use and abuse White men and women and send them to kill and die for the rich who anyway, hold you in contempt and despise you. I'm not making this up. Look around and you'll see that is how it really is. We need to have our own racial goals, true goals, real goals to fight and strive for … real things that have meaning. Countries WHICH WE OWN FOR THE GOOD OF OURSELVES AND OUR OFFSPRING. Countries where White children can laugh and grow up … to do the amazing things that nature intends for us. Jan]

This is what an American ex-veteran wrote:

I was an ECM Tech (Electronic Counter-Measures) on the B-52 "D" Models.

During the Vietnam Conflict (1972-76).

My radar systems kept enemy radar from locking on to the plane, and shooting it down.

We worked on the Receivers (which allowed us to see the enemy’s radar signals) and the jamming Transmitters.

96th Bomb Wing, SAC (Strategic Air Command)

Knowing what I know now, I would not have enlisted. Read "War Is A Racket" by USMC General Smedley Butler.

The general is right, we are being ‘used’ by the Military Industrial Complex. No more wars for corporate profits.

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