White American fired from Sheriff’s Dept next day for his post about Race, etc


[This is from a discussion I had with a white American guy who was fired. Jan]

This is what he wrote, and they fired him the very next day for it. He is a Christian.

I said word for word and this is what they printed and cited for my severance…

“White privileged is a media made lie. The problems in America lies with inter mixed marriages, children, and an all inclusiveness to Christ. Jacob had 13 sons these sons made the Caucasian Christians nations. These nations alone are given the inheritance, statutes, and commandments. Their father is the one in heaven and he prospers for that very reason not for
Their “privilege”…

They fired me the next morning Jan.

He told me this is what happened when he was fired and he left:-

Here’s what I replied

Thanks man you didn’t have to do that, but in my spirit man I couldn’t let them silence me.. they wouldn’t even give a me a copy of what I said and they ever gave me a professional severance.. when I turned around my LT was pale faced as if he’d saw a murder… he kept apologizing and begging for me to shake his hand… I didn’t want to but god said give him grace and my SGT was the same way both of them Jan.. as I left they told
Me they loved me and please use them as references.. they both called out of work that very night and the shift got left on stand by… when I tell you it shook that department it did man.. they said my SGT didn’t come out of his office for two days.

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