What will happen to Americans now? – WARS for Jewish survival – The Internal War in the USA as a result of Trump

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What we are seeing with Trump going down, and all this weird Jewy nonsense with Facebook banning Trump and Twitter and Instagram doing the same – is part of a bigger war.

My quick assessment for you is this:

We are watching the Jews and their corrupted Elite doing their UTMOST to prevent the rising of WHITE AMERICANS. That’s who they really want to stop.

This is a WAR … and actual WAR between international business and Western patriotism.

But this is not a shooting war. This is going to be a 99% "procedural war". It is a war using other methods … a culture war … a business war … a legal war… a political war… a propaganda war. It will be fought with money, and "terror" by cutting off bank accounts and closing down your income, or destroying you through the courts.

The US Military and Intelligence Services will not want to be a part of this war, and as long as it is not VIOLENT, they will simply carry out their functions of seeing that the country is safe from foreign invasion.

But this is really a WAR FOR JEWISH SURVIVAL, just as WW2 was. That was also a WAR FOR JEWISH SURVIVAL. The Jews want to retain control of the USA.

Jews and Whites can’t coexist. But the Jews have big power and even more massive INFLUENCE – meaning they know powerful people in the elite, etc. This devolves into a type of civil war. But its a cultural/racial/business war.

The key person they will want to destroy is Trump.

This stolen election could be the biggest issue created in the USA since 911.

It is interesting, as Alex Linder has noted that when Jewish power is great, that it is also unstable. That is where the USA is now.

The war is far from over, and might one day turn into a shooting war BUT NOT NOW. NOT NOW.

That is coming.

I still think that the entire world is entering a period of tremendous instability … and clearly the USA is at the CENTRE of all this.

The real war is about WHO REALLY OWNS AMERICA? The rich WASP Elite+Jews or common White Americans!

That’s the real war.

But hang in there, just keep on spreading the message and talking to other Whites.

The most critical war now is the COMMUNICATIONS WAR. We must NOT allow SILENCE to reign.

UNDER NO CONDITIONS MUST WHITES BE SILENT. The time to talk and communicate is more critical than ever before.

Don’t worry about being shot dead. That time is not here now. It is PROCEDURAL WARFARE that is the main mechanism. The Elite+Jews want the majority of Americans to believe that they are in good, competent hands. It is them VERSUS Trump. As I say, one day, they might even kill Trump if they find he is unstoppable – which he might be. The way he has reacted to the stolen election makes him a serious problem to them. The focus will be on HIS DESTRUCTION.

But hang in there, Whites stand a massive chance in these internal wars and non-violent struggles and Whites stand even bigger chances when this does become violent in later years.

What you’ve got is a BIG JEWISH CANCER and now this cancer has reached a point where it is affecting the "entire body of America". It is like having a huge brain tumour and then when it’s big enough it will kill you. That’s how the Jewish presence is in the USA.

The Jews want to remain in the USA. They love it. They’re now settled there. And now there’s this fight between the original owners and creators – the common Whties. The WASP elite has already been CORRUPTED. The Jews already control their minds.

But the part of the population they will struggle the most with are the COMMON WHITES!!!

That’s where the real struggle will be.

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