A White Catholic Lady writes to me … supporting RACE & even Pagan whites… also: White Children

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Here are some lovely excerpts from one of my supporters, a Catholic Lady. She made a number of points that relate to how she has adapted her own Christian thinking for herself and she’s happy that way AND she’s racial:

Supporter: I have been thinking about my racialism and Catholicism. Briefly, I
serve and love God because of who I believe He is – creator of the
universe, all powerful and mighty. Going to heaven is the least of my
concerns. Serving my people and husband well serves God well and it is
my duty. It is important to me that I behave in a way that would please
Our Blessed Fuhrer Adolph Hitler. Jesus was White because God would not
take the form of an inferior life form. Being Catholic gives me
happiness and strength to do my duties even if it is difficult.

Jan: I appreciate seeing how you think. You think correctly as a woman should. We all have duties. That’s the European way of thinking – the correct way.

Supporter: Racialist Whites come first for me whether Christian, pagan or atheist.

Jan: That’s awesome. I am delighted to see that you have found a racial angle in your thinking that works for you. If Christians can just put race first in some way, then that will make a huge difference.

Supporter: Using contraception is a mortal sin in the Catholic Church and large
families are encouraged. Sadly my husband isn’t Catholic and doesn’t want children. Our children would have been intelligent, good looking White children.

Jan: This is an excellent rule in Catholicism, if whites could live by this. Why doesn’t your husband want children? There are many problems these days with the world and I do understand why men are afraid of some things. Divorce can be a big negative, and I know men and have friends who had a nightmare after their girlfriends turned on them. Also, a man is no longer the boss, so he has a financial commitment once his wife/girlfriend is gone, but he has no actual power over his family. Depending on your country, you might not even be able to discipline your children. I see all these horrible things as being Jewish/Liberal/Communist crap that has totally screwed up the concept of the family. The arrangement of a man and a woman is an ancient (Germanic actually) arrangement that most of our race sticks to. But it is Germanic. The Aryans before them were Polygamists – which I don’t have a problem with. Men are very afraid of families, women, children and commitment, because it can backfire enormously on them in this Jewish world. It would be interesting to know why your husband does not want children. Or is it because it is just too expensive? I’m no better off having never had children myself. So it’s a huge mess for many of us. Some of my other supporters also tell me how they don’t have children. Yet, Hitler was right: Children are EVERYTHING. No children = No future. Whites never had a problem having families … but that was when whites controlled their own destiny, before "capitalism". For me, National Socialism really opened my eyes and I saw the world in a whole new way and for the first time I truly grasped the need for children. NS is very healthy in every conceivable way. Hitler has left us with powerful thoughts and goals that can animate us until the end of time. Valuable stuff that can make our race GREAT! But it starts with CHILDREN! My own thinking, in my own case as well was that apart from the very twisted, anti-male laws, MONEY is the next HUGE problem. HUGE. I will return to this topic because I think we can overcome it. Money is killing us.

Supporter: Many White women of good quality (my mother and
grandmother) cannot have a lot of children as their bodies are more
fragile. Their fewer children are of a higher quality though. My German
ancestors Gerd and Anna, who came to xxxxxxx in about 1846, had
10 or so children. There are descendants spread all over the country now.
My English ancestors had 12 children and helped to populate early South
Australia (xxxx was first officially settled in 1836 and never had
convicts or slaves. Free European pioneers did everything themselves.)

Jan: These days, I think with our medicine, we could have vast numbers of children.

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