What the Canadians are planning to do on 11th September 2022…

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USA‘s No 1 WHITE Racial Prisoner: Reverend Matt Hale
Please help Matt Hale. He was a Reverend in the Church of Creativity. Learn about the despicable story of what Jews did to him! He will be in jail for 40 years WITHOUT EVER HAVING COMMITTED A SINGLE CRIME!

[I got this from one of my Canadian contacts. I'm looking forward to this. The Canadians are rocking. They've shown what they can do. Jan]

Here’s the note I got:
Sunday the 11th is the day the Common Law people are planning a Canada wide visit to police stations to ask them to arrest the criminals. If the police have not been corrupted and compromised, maybe something will happen

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The Boer State Party
From Jan: This is the ONLY political party in South Africa that I will support. I have met their leader and know their history. *ALL* other Political Parties in SA are a total waste of time for Whites. This political party cares about Whites. They say: We fight for our People‘s Freedom and Safe continued existence in the new South Africa!

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