WARNING WHITE AMERICANS: Jews are Fair Weather friends & Patriots ONLY IN GOOD TIMES!


[This an exchange between myself and an American. Jan]

In an exchange, I wrote to him at a point:Now you’re talking when you call Jews fair weather friends. It is something I have thought of, but not in such a clear phrase. They are only there when the going is good. 

They’re the first to run after that. among their other nefarious shit… 

He replied:hanks jan and absolutely. There’s no denying it. And even while they are you’re supposed friends, they are always scheming for how to save their own skin and advance their own interests on your spilled blood. 

Although I rarely ever watch movies since I don’t even have a TV, I did see 1 a few weeks ago that a friend insisted I watch at his house.

It is based on a very recent true story about 3 jews who get defense contracts during the Iraq war, and it totally demonstrates what a bunch of lying, scheming, double dealing, thieving, did I mention lying, back-stabbing fraudsters, murderers, and TRAITORS kikes are, AND when it advances their personal interests they will eat each other and conspire to destroy each other when they are done screwing and parasiting off everyone else. They are literally satanic parasites.

It is literally mind boggling that they even allowed this film out and that it is available on movie channels. 

It needs to be redubbed with a white nationalist narrating in certain parts as the movie progresses while pointing out their satanic kike behavior along with a quote from someone like hitler or Henry Ford appropriate to every “killer point” in the movie. 
This movie could awaken a lot of people with the appropriate opening statement, continuing narration, and closing argument.
YOU like making movies JAN…maybe this is a good job for you !! Lol

As a last note, it was also an amusing movie to watch with an interesting story line. So there is no downside except that jews are real and that this is how they REALLY ACTUALLY act !! Lol

Preferably pirate it so no jew gets any more money from you, as they’ve stolen enough from us already and owe us a lot more than a free movie !! Lol

I replied: I’m going to take our email exchange and publish it as important. 

In terms of videos, I will keep your suggestion in mind, though I have very important things I want to put out for folks to see that they’re not aware of. 

Regarding the Jews as Fair Weather friends, or as the Germans would cynically term them: “Harvest Helpers”. 

I noticed how many prominent Jews these days are talking about what faithful American patriots they are. 

This is pure crap. These Jewish scum are only are only “patriotic” because of American power and wealth.

They will abandon your country the FIRST. Before anyone else flees, even before the Blacks or anyone else flee … you’ll one day see the Jews streaming out of a collapsing America in which they played the primary role of collapsing and destroying. 

Jews were also “patriotic” South Africans once upon a time just as in Germany under the (stupid) Kaiser they were “Germans”. 
In the end, Jews are Jews, and only Jews come first, and when the real shit hits the fan and you White Americans are running to try and hold your country together, you’ll see the Jew rats racing out of the country with their cash. 

There’s no such thing as a patriotic Jew. And no American should believe that the Jews of America are their friends. 

Did you see my article where I mentioned a pal of mine, who used to be a missile engineer in South Africa? He told me that when you are dealing with Jews, you are dealing with an Asiatic mindset. 

That you have a weird Asiatic mind in a European-like body. This selfish, lying, nasty alien just puts up very false pretences. He’s no friend of any nation and he’s always ready to dash out with his money once the place collapses. 
Take care

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