Gun news from a supporter: Virginians stand firm on the Jewish attempt to seize guns

[A supporter in the USA sent me this note as part of a discussion. I'm very pleased to hear this. I told him: THE GUNS ARE EVERYTHING. NEVER GIVE UP THE GUNS. Give up your free speech, give up everything … even your mother… (just kidding) … BUT NEVER NEVER NEVER give up your GUNS! 

Whoever has the guns wins. And if you give it up … the Jews have you. Jan]

He wrote:

Jan, this is Will, here in the state of Virginia run by Tyrants who we are rising up against. We have over 100 towns and cities pass 2nd amendment sanctuary areas. They will not take our guns, period! And yes , no quarter to our enemies! A war is the only thing that will clear a path of survival for our race in the future!

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