WARNING: Canadian Jordan Peterson SPEAKS LIKE A JEW … He HATES the White Right

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Video: General Von Manstein: Advice on HOPELESS sitations for Nations
Many Whites have told me that our situation is hopeless in all our nations including here in S.Africa. In this video I take a look at brilliant White men who lived through the hell of war and what they thought about hopeless and desperate situations. What did these men think who had spent years of their lives handling desperate, dangerous and hopeless situations.

[I'm busy taking a look at an expose of Jordan Peterson that someone sent me. I began browsing it. I will publish it. But just browsing it gives me the creeps. I keep thinking JORDAN PETERSON MUST BE JEWISH. He has to be. He thinks and speaks like a Jew. Jan]

I sent this note to the people who sent me the video:

I really like the bit I’ve begun watching here. Notice how Jordan Peterson attacks Whites, attacks race … and then he says something that JEWS have said before. He speaks of "regressive nationalism".

The Jew Einstein spoke of how silly and stupid nationalism was. He said it was infantile or something. Jordan Peterson speaks like a freaking JEW. And he is against what Whites are doing.

Any further exposes of Peterson are most welcome. I detest him intensely. I think he’s a big time enemy of ours.

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HORRIFIC STATISTICS: The Horror of Black Communist Rule in S. Africa since 1994
This is doing the rounds on a big scale here in South Africa among Whites. This will give you an idea of the horror of Black rule.

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