VNN Forum: Jews at work: White Nationalism is a THREAT to America!

[I was looking at Alex Linder’s Forum and they’ve got great articles here:

But here’s something well worth focusing on. Its the notion that White Americans are a “threat” to America itself! I find this notion utterly ridiculous and well worth spitting on because the USA is a whites-only creation. It is whites who colonised it and then CONQUERED IT and MADE IT IN THEIR OWN IMAGE. Whites came from across Western Europe in droves. Something like 30% of the population of Norway moved to the USA. The USA is a creation of whites from Western Europe and its immigration policy for long was based exclusively on bringing in Whites (until the Jews managed to turn that on its head).

As Socrates on VNN Forum notes, this is a suspicious recurring notion – this notion that “White Nationalism” is a “threat” to America. Rest assured the Jews are behind this. The Jews change the country they are colonising without telling the whites when they are heading to the gallows! Rest assured this is the Jews at work in their insidious maneuvers to destroy white America. Astoundingly, just as in South Africa (and elsewhere) the Jews co-opt the white weaklings, cucks and traitors into their movement. These weak, pathetic traitors then embrace “Liberalism” and push it forward. My personal view is that Liberalism is nothing but Race Treason at its FINEST! No white, anywhere should embrace this nonsense. Liberalism is designed to destroy white people everywhere. Liberalism is just a more modern updated version of the Jews opening the gates of the city and letting the ENEMY IN! Just look around you. The Jews are doing it everywhere blatantly and openly. Liberalism is DESIGNED to DESTROY WHITE PEOPLE!! Those who advocate it should themselves be hung from the nearest lamp post or tree in white European tradition! Jan]

You can read the article here on VNN Forum:

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