Video: White Creativity: The World’s First Kinetic Satellite Launch technology: What Happened To SpinLaunch & The Orbital Accelerator?

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Black Monday in 2017! The Biggest White protest about Farm Murders
128 Photos: The Day of White anger over Farm Murders! STOP KILLING OUR WHITE FARMERS!!! This was the biggest White protest in the history of South Africa. You‘ll be blown away by what Whites did that day!

[This idea is very interesting. Even if it doesn't work so well now, I'm sure as metals and chemistry improves this WILL be a method that will be used a lot in the future. This might have some real potential. Jan]

Here’s the video:

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Video: Levels of Betrayal: The Jewish Nightmare nobody is expecting...
I also discuss how in South Africa, the National Party betrayed the AWB. In this video I discuss the concept of Jews using Whites to destroy other Whites. But in the end, ALL the Whites end up losing, including those who worked to destroy the Right Wing/Racial Whites.

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