Video: Russians Speak: Russian propagandist argues Ukraine does not exist – My Comments


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[The Russians in the rural areas don't have good internet access. So they mostly get to watch TV shows like this. This Russian argues that Kyiv and Ukrainians are Russians. But in actual fact, there are people in the past who made the argument that the original "Rus" of Russia were actually the Ukrainians. That it is not Ukraine that is Russia, but that Russia was created by Ukrainians. Anyhow, this is what Putin's people tell the Russians. Ukraine is not real, it was always just a part of Russia. However, when the awesome Wehrmacht went into Russia in WW2, the Ukrainians not only hated Jews and kicked them out and even killed them BEFORE the Wehrmacht got there, but the Ukrainians welcomed the Germans as Liberators and later there were Ukrainians including Ukrainian SS who fought for Hitler. Perhaps the Germans helped to change the Ukrainians during that wonderful, but short time of German rule. Also lots of Germans went to Russia, and I think many went to Ukraine when Catherine the Great (who was German) ruled Russia. The Ukrainians are more European than the Russians. Jan]

Here’s the video:

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