Video: Very Funny & True: The Horror of Teaching Critical Race Theory to Kids – My Comments

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I‘ve decided to do an experiment to see if Trump‘s Truth Social actually works and how good it is. So I created an account on there. You can follow me at the link. It might be fun to try this out. I think Truth Social is perfect for people who are Conservatives and Christians. You may find it works fine. Let‘s see.

[This is excellent, mocking the crap that masquerades as some kind of logic or historical fact. I'm very pleased to see that some states in the USA are banning this shit. This stuff is intended to CREATE RACIAL HATRED and the Blacks are idiotic enough to buy into this and to get worked up over it. Jan]

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There is a SUICIDE EPIDEMIC among Whites in SA. There are a *LOT* of Whites, especially men, including young men, who don‘t see any hope for themselves in SA. These people do excellent work saving the lives of Whites, especially young Whites and giving them hope.

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