Video: THE CRAZIEST BIGGEST FINANCIAL CRIME: Jew BS at another level: Sam Bankman-Fried: Biggest Twist Yet in FTX Scandal

[This get's crazier by the minute. This thing is huge. This thing is insane. It seems to me that FTX was just one little old Jewish whore nest. They were lying, sleeping with each other; talking shit, doing no accounting …. What they got up to, would make any accountant or audior's hair stand on end. These young fat Jew rats were breaking every financial rule known to man. These Jew rats seem to be in a deeply incestuous relationship with the (Black) Government of the Bahamas. It looks as if they just openly stole enourmous amounts of money AND THERE MIGHT BE NO RECORD OR ACCOUNTING OF WHAT HAPPENED! This is wild. I don't think any financial crime in history has been this BLATANT and RAW. Accountants and Auditors' mouths will just hang open. Jan]

Here’s the video:

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