Video: S.Africa: Blacks Farm Land Invasion: If a person must DIE, then so be it…

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[Here’s a short and interesting video showing some of these blacks who have invaded a wine farm. Now if you will watch this carefully, then I’ll explain some facts to you, then you’ll see that this is not quite what it appears to be.

This black woman talks about their “problems”. She says they decided to move their shacks here because they don’t have money to pay rent! But if you watch later, you’ll see this same woman with a loud-hailer and she’s singing something and the blacks are singing with her. This is a typical example of ANC/Black political agitation. These are the same tactics they used under Apartheid for different purposes. Blacks sing political/militant songs like this. These blacks did not “happen” to come here by accident. This is most definitely, politically organised and possibly paid for by someone. This is a form of “Political Warfare”. They’ve been doing this for decades.

Apparently they have a “problem” and this is the “solution”. The reality is different. These are political agitators who have a political agenda which masquerades as an “apparent solution to a problem”. But in reality… they are CREATING THE PROBLEM.

Unlike whites, blacks have babies like crazy without ever thinking of next month or next year. Black population growth, and black migration is a result of totally unrealistic population growth. In earlier times, most of these people would have died off. But these days, Liberals/Jews/Commies steal or misdirect funds to assist these blacks. These people cannot look after themselves. They consume more than they produce. They force their problems upon us. Mother Nature does not get a chance to put them in their place and to kill them, as she would have done in other times. It is whites who live within their means. These blacks are used to living beyond their means, producing little and consuming more, while popping out babies like crazy.

We need a return to Mother Nature. You will be shocked at what would happen then.

The one black man threatens that if someone must die then so be it… Well, I certainly hope we get to that stage.

These events are from August 2018. Jan]

Land invaders who have built shacks on a property belonging to Louiesenhof Wine Estate in Stellenbosch say they will rebuild any demolished structures.

A group of people who were evicted started rebuilding on Tuesday as the owner prepared for a second court application to have them removed.

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