How the Jewess Diane Feinstein betrayed Chinese people & had their families killed

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[This is an excerpt from the Dave Hodges Show. The Jews across the world, are deeply embedded and ALWAYS closely aligned to COMMUNISTS, since Communism is a JEWISH CREATION. The Jews are very close to the current Communist Chinese who rule China. Notice you will NEVER HEARD in the “reliable mass media” that China is COMMUNIST STILL! Yes, and 49 million Chinese were murdered by the communists.

Modern Jews are very close to China, and this includes Israel. You will see products pouring in from communist China into every shop you go to. The Jews are behind this. My own view is that the Jews, globally, are keeping China there as their escape hatch when they have to flee from the USA and Europe in the coming decades when the Whites get sick of them and drive them out. So that's why Jews have moved MOST Western world industry, investment, etc to China in preparation for the place they will be running to.

Here in South Africa, I noticed this Jewish infatuation with Communist China and even India. And the Jews are big pals, with the PRIME ENEMY OF THE WHITES, the ANC ruling party. Thus whites in South Africa must BEWARE of Jews ratting them out to the ruling black communist scum.

Here is a fascinating story of how this high ranking Jewess in the US Govt, did the typical Jewish ratting-out, backstabbing (that the Germans know so well), and thanks to her, many Chinese who trusted her, had their families killed back home in China.


50 Minute Show. It takes a lot longer than 50 minutes to watch, listen and type the conversation, therefore I have taken the time to transcribe as accurately as possible as reading the transcript is a lot faster than listening the broadcast. Share with others. Link:

Mike Adams Web Site Link:

From the Dave Hodges Show:

When Chinese Americans went to Diane Feinstein to get help for their families back in China against human rights abuses, she would photograph their passports; report them to the Chinese Communist government whereupon, the families back home would be killed and their organs harvested.

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