Video: Russians experience heavy losses in Ukraine – Who is lying? – My Methodology – How many are dead?

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I’ve had discussions with other Whites here in SA privately, regarding the Ukraine war and the deaths. We discussed who was lying. I said that both sides are very likely lying and exaggerating and also hiding their own losses. But the way I’m monitoring things and forming opinions is by firstly, looking at the MAPS. The maps, which are AGREED UPON are the key to seeing what has been captured so far. The other thing is to see where the two sides catch each other out. If one side lies, the other side will counter with their information. I watch for that. I do NOT worry about individual videos, because you don’t really know what you can trust. I had concluded, from the maps and rates of advance – because both sides agree more or less on who is where. And from that we can see what has been achieved. By the end of the first week, I concluded things are getting worse and worse for Russia. For Putin, his original plan fell apart at the seams. Now Russia is claiming Kyiv was never their original goal. That’s just garbage. You can see the huge numbers of troops and the areas they captured, and how long they struggled, that indeed that WAS ONE OF THEIR MAJOR GOALS. The latest Russian statements about wanting Donbass – this is the best sign, out of the Russian horse’s mouth that they have been losing. I’ve been looking at the casualty claims from both sides. I think the American estimate of 10,000 Russian dead is correct. I suspect the Ukrainian deaths is very similar. My guess is that the Ukrainians have lost approximately the same amount, or very slightly less than the Russians.

The bottom line is that Russia has been fought to a standstill by the Ukrainians. That is a FACT. Putin has almost been defeated. Truly, it’s a disaster for Putin.

Here’s the video:

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