A Supporter writes about Email Spying – Avoiding Google, Yahoo – My Reply…

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2002: Why Black People struggle
This is an article I wrote in 2002, which was published on an American website called Etherzone. In this article I‘m diplomatic and I‘ve written it for Liberal Americans.

[One of my supporters told me that I should be careful what email I use because only Protonmail is safe, etc. Jan]

I replied as follows:

>I would suggest not using yahoo, google, …. email. Protonmail is the best most private service I have found. Protonmail doesn’t read your email, block for sensitivity, …

I have bad news for you. There is no way in hell you can avoid the NSA if they want to read your email. It is IMPOSSIBLE to avoid them. I don’t care what any company says. If the Military/Spies want to read your stuff or listen to your calls you CANNOT avoid it unless you are a specialist in cryptography.

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