Video: Tomorrow belongs to us: Part 1

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On rare occasions (purely by accident no doubt), Hollywood produces a movie that has something excellent in it. Here we take a closer look at a scene from the movie Cabaret. The song “Tomorrow belongs to me” is excellent. In part 2 I have the scene from cabaret but I also have a stage version of the same song sung in German! Its pretty awesome and this is what we all should be like in the future – as DETERMINED as these whites in the movie!

One thought on “Video: Tomorrow belongs to us: Part 1

  • 10th September 2017 at 9:54 pm

    That Varg chap is a complete cuck, his wife kicks his ass and he’s got his head in the clouds. He’s a nut job, I’m convinced of it, he must have lost his mind when he was in prison serving 10 years for murdering his pal because he was shit scarred of getting a beating so he took along a knife and stabbed his friend through shear cowardice. He’s a hippy that’s around 50 years too late and is clueless, I’ve met a few people like him and they were all failures. Screw Varg and his dumb family, they are doomed.


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