Video: Jews have made everyone CRAZY: Lefties Losing It: Tennis crowd turns on ‘climate crazies’ shouting ab out fossil fuels

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Video: Blacks massive wastage, massive inefficiency: Why Africa Wasted $1.4 Trillion in Foreign Aid
Africa is the richest continent on Earth. In fact, it is richer in minerals than the whole world combined. Yet these useless Blacks have received more food, medicines and AID than any other place on Earth. Their levels of wastage and failure are unbelievable.

[This is the result of too much Jewish thinking that has infected people's minds! We're at the ridiculous stage … that's a good sign. People are getting sick of this shit. Jan]

Here’s the video:

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2 Photos: 1892: When White Americans burned a Black man to death for raping a White woman!
White men in the USA used to take no shit. This is what they did to a black who raped a white woman. Whites have a tough, harsh justice system.

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