Video: Jewish Nightmare: San Francisco: Want to See What Happens When You Defund the Police? Here’s the Devastating and Deadly Impact

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[Jewish Liberalism brings: CRIME AND DEATH and the destruction of society. Look at how Liberalism has shattered a wonderful American city. The people who are responsible for this madness need to be charged with some kind of treason crime and publicly hanged. But how many American cities have been destroyed in the last 30 or 40 years? Many… It's shocking what the American Elite will allow inside America. It's just crazy. All Jewish ideas are either stupid or utterly malicious. Jan]

Here’s the video:


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Who are we? Boers or Afrikaners? Answer from Dr Mike Du Toit
I had someone write to me about the topic of Boers versus Afrikaners. I decided to approach Dr Mike Du Toit, who was the leader of the Boeremag, and who is a professional academic who is very well versed in our history to answer this. Dr Du Toit not only knows our history in South Africa but also our history in Europe. This was his answer.

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