Total Genius: The entire White Race can communicate using only 3 languages

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[On my Angola video, a guy calling himself CroatianWarMaster (I like the name), made these comments, which relate to a topic I'd wondered about but had no answer to. Ben Klassen of Creativity had said that the entire race should learn Latin and that should be our language. But I think Croatian War Master may have the answer we need. All white Children just need to learn 3 languages, and we can ALL speak as one. I had wondered and concerned myself many times with the linguistic problems of Europe. I see language as a critical barrier that prevents us all from learning so much from each other. There are so many lovely books and knowledge hidden away in one language that has never been translated so that everyone can read it. I love this idea. I would like to hear more about this type of thinking. Folkspraak sounds awesome for those of us who know Germanic languages like Afrikaans. I like all the ideas herein. I am not aware of the Berlin conference of 1884. So much to learn, but always keen to hear comments. I totally agree with going to the stars. One of my pet thoughts about whites is that our race, is the ONLY SPECIES OF ANIMAL THAT COULD LIVE FOREVER, UNTIL THE END OF TIME. The sun will die in billions of years to come and then so will all of us. But we whites are the only species of animal that can solve the problem of life after the death of our sun. I love the concept of whites being a species that can populate the universe and dominate probably much of the galaxies. Truly, you have no idea, from a scientific point of view, of what our race is capable of. Jan]

CroatianWarMaster wrote:
You should look into "pan languages" there is interslavic which all slavic speakers can understand, interlingua(for romance languages and english) and folkspraak/middelspreke (for germanics). A giant European racial confederate state. We could have only 3 main languages like Belgium and cover most of the population. There are 3 giant linguistic groups among whites Slavs, Teutons and Romans. We should study the strategies of successful mass settlement and removing of population like North America and Russians into Siberia and draw conclusions. Because all that matters is territory, and strong armies. Out of that we get technology and prosperity and go to the fucking stars and colonize the space. Would be a great topic for a video. After reconquista. We need the mentality of the Berlin conference in 1884.

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