Video: Jewish Lies about Gaza: Even the BBC exposes massive Jewish lies: Israel’s Lies DEBUNKED

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Zimbabwe: 10,000 Blacks starved to death after White Farmers were chased out
2004: The Black Government denied that Blacks were starving to death. Here a Black Bishop gave some statistics. In here you‘ll read about nasty events that were hidden from the world.

[Even the BBC is finding the Jewish lies. The Jews seem to be telling enormous lies that there is a tunnel system under the hospital they bombed. It's nice to see people starting to scrutinize the Junk state of Israel and catching them out. Jan]

Here’s the video:


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Video: A Quick Lesson: What Whites really do to Jews in Pogroms and Holocausts
Ive looked at lots of literature over the years where the Jews claim Whites are slaughtering them. They cite pogroms as a nasty feature of their past. And then some pogroms are then called holocausts. But what exactly really happens? Is there any evidence of what exactly transpires between Whites and Jews?

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