EXCELLENT: From the Reverend Matt Hale, in jail: Why I did what I did…


[I got this from Matt's Mom. Matt is sitting in jail for no crime. He was totally set up. He was chucked in jail for literally no reason. I know because someone who studied his case in detail told me a bunch of things. He got a 40 year jail sentence for nothing but a whisper. Matt never harmed a fly. But he's sitting in jail for most of his life. Isn't that unfair and insane? Jan]

From Matt’s Mom:

Friends and Supporters: Matt has been waiting for the summons to be delivered on his complaint. He has now sent the District Court in DC a letter asking why the summons have not been delivered. It has been 62 days since the complaint was filed. He sent another quote. Ms. H

"If I am asked why I have done what I have done in my life, my answer is actually very simple. I love my White Race."
-Matthew F. Hale

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