Video: Is Ukraine losing the war? See former CIA director’s answer – Why Putin can’t win… – My Analysis


[This General's analysis is good. Putin is also beginning to wage a war on the White civilians. This will backfire on him. It will stir up intense hatred for him. My original analysis comparing this to Afghanistan is correct. This will be Putin's Vietnam, unless the Jewish President stuff this up. One possibility though is food shortages before long. Putin has been destroying important infrastructure. As time goes by this will get more and more brutal. Putin can try and flatten towns and cities, but even that has it's limitations. A surprising thing is that the Ukrainians have some working air power and even some kickass drones. Putin can fight in Ukraine all he wants. It will be worse than anything he has yet faced. The Ukraine will BLEED RUSSIA. Plus, amazingly, Western Sanctions on Russia have already begun to bite. This will run for quite a long time. But, 6 months from now, for example, things could be very nasty, and it will continue to bleed Russia. This can seriously hurt Russia. Jan]

Here’s the video. It has a good, solid military analysis:

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