THE LIBRARY FOR WHITES: My other Poster on History Reviewed: Obergruppenfuhrer SS


Just a note. There is someone else that I have given access to my site. He’s a younger guy. He has helped me a lot.

Before I left for the USA, he showed me his amazing, and unbelievable collection of PDFs. So I gave him access to post them on my site. You can search my site for BOOKS. There is a BOOK category.

When he posts the books they won’t appear on the front page. The only people who will know are those on the alters lists. People were quite freaked out when he posted 170 books on my website in about April 2019 – they thought my site had been hacked!

I have not made a page for the books. The books will also appear randomly on the right hand menu (Random posts) of the site.

Because Google Adsense removed all the adverts from History Reviewed and AfricanCrisis, there are big blank spaces on my pages.

My plan is to fill them in with my own “Adverts” to thing on my own websites. (I did this many years ago on my old websites – I created my own “Adverts” system when I was blocked there too). I will do it again.

You can go into the search bar and also search for BOOKS.

I am busy with other software changes on my sites – many hours of work fixing other things that are needed for the websites. Important things….

I will decide more about these books and how we will handle them.

It is not wise to reveal all the details about the books except to say that we have potentially an ENORMOUS LIBRARY … that could possibly go online over time.

I see he’s begun posting again today.

There is much we’ve talked about …

I also need to return to the launch of my shop. But I want to get certain things sorted out and slick – that are critical for all my websites before I dive back into the Online shop.

I also have more articles, videos, photos than you can believe.

Just drowning in stuff… but am happy.

I will also be posting ideas of what other whites can do.

WE CAN DEFEAT AND DESTROY THE JEWS … it just requires some WORK….

And there are many things ALL OF YOU CAN DO.

NB: There is a lovely news aggregation website: TheShitLordHub, which I like a lot.

Its one of the coolest new websites around.

So much to talk about … and I am busy here in SA … teaching whites here bit by bit about the enemies around us … its shocking some of them. There is much work for everyone.


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