Video: IMPORTANT: JEWS: ISRAEL knew: Designed to start a war: Israel obtained Hamas battle plan more than a year ago, NYT reports

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Best Independent Website that monitors Ukrainian Tank losses in Ukraine War
Oryx is a brilliant independent Dutch website that monitors lots of military losses including the losses of Russian and Ukrainian tanks. They ONLY count vehicles that they can get photos of and can prove that these are the correct vehicles that were destroyed. This link will take you to see the verified Ukrainian tank losses and you can click to see the photos.

[This info is from the Jewish New York Times. So we don't fully know all the deeper details. It is entirely possible that the Jews in Israel, like Netanyahu, may have deliberately allowed this to happen for the propaganda benefits he could get from a successful attack. Another possibility is that the Jews might have so much on their plate that for various reasons they ignored it. In the world of Military Intelligence you get a LOT of information, and the reliability of that information is unknown. It will take time to assess this. Jan]

Here’s the video:

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Video: BANNED: The World War the Jews LOST! (1919-1939)
This video was not long on youtube when they banned it. I keep hearing from close friends as well as from other people who do analyses that the Jews ALWAYS WIN! The Jews NEVER LOSE! This is utter nonsense.

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