Video: How strong is China’s military? China’s last war the disastrous 1979 war against Vietnam!!!


[I have been saying that I'm skeptical about the power of China militarily. I discovered now that the last war the Chinese actually fought was in 1979 against tiny Vietnam. The Chinese invaded Vietnam with 200,000 troops and between 400-550 tanks. It had to do with giving little Vietnam a bloody nose to kick them into line. The invasion was along the border. Vietnam was an ally of the Soviet Union. So among the bizarre things is that this was a war between communist allies! Duh! The Chinese threatened an all out invasion of the Soviet Union if the USSR helped Vietnam. So the Russians did nothing. Even so the war was a disaster. It took the Chinese a month of very heavy fighting to make any headway, and then they retreated out of Vietnam. The Vietnamese, fought the Chinese with less weaponry and even with a lot of militia, who are NOT as professional as professional soldiers. The Vietnamese held a lot of their main troops in reserve. Even so, they gave the Chinese hell and by Western estimates 26,000 Chinese troops were killed and 30,000 Vietnamese were killed. So China did not do well. Below is a short video made by an Indian who questions the real power of China. Now the Indians and Chinese have had border clashes and even there, the Indians have outperformed the Chinese. But that tiny Vietnam gave mighty China a bloody nose in 1979 shows that China doesn't amount to much. Therefore, I return to my view that Taiwan will not be easy meat for China. To do an amphibious invasion is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT. The Chinese would lose many hundreds of thousands of troops quickly. FORGET THE IDEA THAT CHINA CAN ATTACK ANYONE. They can barely hold their own in Asia with their bordering nations. China is mostly a paper Tiger. You're listening to Jewish crap if you believe China is very strong. Garbage. Jan]

Here’s a short video with some good points:-

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