Why? Pompeo Staunchly Defends Drone Attack on Iranian General – My Comments about the Pentagon


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[I'm wondering if the secret intelligence that he's referring to, is garbage that maybe emanated from Israel … and they need to keep it “secret” “because its so important” … meanwhile the Jews might just have made the entire f*cking story up … and they must be laughing up their sleeves – the race of scum.

I am fascinated by the Pentagon issuing its own statements about sticking to “the rules of war” and not bombing ancient sites.
This just adds to my thinking that the US Generals, are NOT happy with the weird things that the politicians are making them do. I'm convinced that not all military/intelligence/fbi/cops are BRAIN DEAD.

This is a GOOD SIGN. Always be nice to: Military/Intelligence/FBI/Police. They're just doing their job trying to hold the country together. It is the politicians who need to be executed in so many countries, including here in SA.

I have met and spoken to Military/Intelligence/Police on some occasions, in the USA and even in Canada. These people are not out of their minds. There are many who think like us. Maybe not exactly like us. But they have similar values. They also wonder: What is this f*cking clown show in politics? Don't write all of them off.
If there was sanity in our race, the EXECUTIONER or Hang man would be hard at work 24/7, for quite a while, despatching human garbage to the stars. Our race is based on old values that are tried and tested and held countries and civilisations together. Now you get these corrupt, sneaky, little bags of shit giving the orders.
Returning to Pompeo, it is almost as if they SUDDENLY got this URGENT INFO that this Iranian general was going to do something and they rushed off and popped the general. But I can't help wondering if it was a Jewish trick PUSHED THROUGH QUICKLY SO THAT PEOPLE DID NOT THINK TOO HARD. The fact that Trump did not notify the UK also is very suspicious. I think this entire thing was a Jewish fiasco with the INTENT of making trouble between the West and the Iranians.
Frankly, a good number of those people in Iran, and parts of the northern half of the middle east are either WHITE or partly white. They are related to us from events in ancient times. We are more closely related to them, than these f*cking Jews.
I'm somewhat skeptical about the info on which they based this “terrorist attack” stuff. Every excuse is “terrorism”.
Yet we in Africa LIVED THROUGH REAL TERRORISM ON OUR DOORSTEPS and back then the world and Jewry didn't give a shit. And it was real TERRORISM.
Now they go and do all sorts of massive things for the slightest little pathetic reason. Give me a break. Jan]

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