Video & Audio: TeamWhite 2022 No 1: Muslim Wars in Africa; Dr Pierce White Religion; Ukraine war, Bitcoin crashing down?

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In this team White we discuss American news, the Canadian truckers and the events in South Africa and Africa, especially possible future trends in South Africa and Africa.

In the USA Blacks are now allowed to get away with crimes. Alex discusses the insane levels of Jewish Fed Debt at $30 trillion as well as the Jewess Nuland who is trying to start a war between the USA and Russia over the Ukraine.

We do a deep dive into the Bitcoin market and whether it is crashing massively or whether it will be recovering this year? We discuss the market in depth as well as crypto technology and what it means.

I ask Alex questions about Dr Pierce, and we discuss Ben Klassen and Dr Pierce and the idea of a religion for Whites. What exactly was Dr Pierce thinking? Why did Ben Klassen think it was necessary?

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