Video: Re-Release: Ban Extreme cruelty to animals, Ban Kosher Slaughter!


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I discuss the Jewish lies about Kosher slaughter. Jews try to pretend that Kosher slaughter is less painful to animals or better than Halaal slaughter. But Jewish Rabbis make enormous fortunes out of applying the Kosher label to all sorts of foods. Kosher is a tax that you are paying to Jews for allowing cruelty to animals. There have been bans in Europe going back to 1867 against this cruel Jewish slaughter of animals and yet the Jews have had it overturned time and again. Among the most recent was to force Germany to allow Kosher slaughter in 2002! Jews have successfully lied about this cruel method of killing for long.

For about a month on Youtube I had a channel called: Ban Judaism. Its based on my little website:! The Jews did not like it and it did not last long! It was banned early in 2017!! But during its short time it was popular. This is one of the videos from it!

White people should: BAN KOSHER SLAUGHTER in every white country. This Jewish barbarism should not be tolerated in any white country!

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