Video & Audio: Ukrainian Blitzkrieg: Russia is about to suffer it’s biggest defeat since WW2

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Many people like: Colonel Douglas MacGregor, Scott Ritter and Dr Jordan Peterson; constantly say that Ukraine can NEVER DEFEAT RUSSIA and that Russian victory is INEVITABLE. Clearly they have no knowledge of Russian history, even Russian history where Russians not only suffered disastrous defeats, but the Russians were even beaten in Crimea itself twice before.

In this jam-packed video we take an intensive look at military history and we work forward through to the present and into the future, and why I think Russia is on the brink of a disastrous defeat and why I think that in 2 years time, there won’t be a Russian left on Ukranian soil.

This was recorded on: 2023-05-02.

My prediction in February that Putin needs another war:

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My Analysis that Putin has started his 2nd front in Sudan:

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