Video: FANTASTIC: Angry Old White Canadian Man: Start hanging Prime Minister Trudeau AND OTHERS FROM TREES – Including American Politicians too!!!


[This little video had me LMAO. This is the best thing I've ever seen from Canada. But as I've been telling you folks, the White Canadians can do it. Don't be fooled by all the crap you hear about them. The White Canadians are no different to other Whites. And you'll be able to hear this right from the mouth of this old White man. He tells a lovely little story about old White people being disrespected and he makes it clear, even says it TWICE … that it's time to HANG SOME POLITICIANS FROM TREES! It's not just Trudeau who must be hanged from a tree. He's just the beginning. He and a couple more need to be hanged from trees AND… the old Canadian advises Americans to start doing the same thing. Just watch this little video. It really made my day … really made me laugh. Deep down, most Whites are virtually identical. Don't be fooled by any of this stuff. This is the best thing I've heard from a White man's mouth in a long time. Way to go. Buy rope … let's get lots of rope from the nearest hardware or farming store…. there's some HANGING TO BE DONE! Yeah, and let me add in the other Whites in Canada who've openly said: F*CK TRUDEAU! The Canadians rock. They need ROPE! Jan]

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