Video & Audio: #TeamWhite: Alex Linder & Jan: COVID Lockdown in USA & S.Africa & Whites-Only Communities in SA: Orania

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Alex and I discussed how the stupid COVID-19 lockdown has affected us in our different countries. We discussed some of the problems of living in a country with black crime being a constant threat.

I went on to explain to Alex how the poor whites actually functioned and how they overcame problems. Then I told him about other whites-only communities, especially 2 near Pretoria. Orania is the main one everyone is familiar with, but to the west of Pretoria is Filadelfia Ark, where about 500 White Christians live on a farm. Then there is also Kleinfontein – which is the only one I’ve never been to.

I also tell Alex that the actual number of applications per month to Orania are 12,000. If they were all approved, then within 10 years, 1/3 of South Africa’s population would have moved there. But for some reason, the actual number of people in Orania only number 1,600 currently.

We recorded this great show on 21st May, 2020.

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