WARNING: Those SOB’s Amazon: Monika Schaefer just lost her website – My Comments


[This terrible news came through from Monika Schaefer, whose brother, Alfred is in jail in Germany for fake crimes against the Jews. I just want to warn ANYONE who has any kind of Website or blog – MAKE SURE YOU HAVE BACKUPS AT ALL TIMES. The backups must be taken off the server and put somewhere where you can access it. This is very easy. NEVER RUN A BLOG OR WEBSITE WITHOUT BACKUPS! Look at the terrible disaster that has befallen Monika Schaefer. This is so terrible. Jan]

Subject: Re: Amazon to Shut Down All Parler Servers Tomorrow Night (January 10, 2021 at midnight)

Dear Lavone,

Guess what. I tried to open my freespeechmonika.wordpress.com site just now, and it has been suspended! Gone! 4&1/2 years of my work, my articles, all gone! I am sick about it.

much love,


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