Very Important: 6 million Jews were killed by NAZIS with Insecticide?? Zyklon B – 3 Corpse photos

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[I found an image someone posted about Zyklon B.

The Jews always talk about how they were killed by Zyklon B. That’s not strictly true. The Jews also tell tall tales about being killed by the NAZIs using: electricity, fumes from diesel engines and many other outlandish things! I think there’s even an account of Jews being killed with a nuclear bomb by the NAZIS! I kid you not! Do NOT believe that the Jewish lies are consistent when it comes to how they all “died”.

But when it comes to Auschwitz, there the Jews lie in unison that the means of killing was Zyklon B.

But I have come across references that Zyklon B was a well known, popular insecticide from before WW2.

I found an image someone scanned from an advert where Zyklon B was being advertised as a fumigant for use in houses. From this advert it is apparent that Zyklon B was also sold in english speaking countries (probably the USA I would guess?).

Here’s the advert:

If you go to Jewish/Liberal Wikipedia and you read about the history of Zyklon B, then it is apparent that it existed for decades before WW2 and that it was a pesticide exactly as the above advert indicates.

I cut the article off at the above point because then it launches into the “Zyklon B became a killing agent of the NAZIS… blah blah and assorted bullshit”.

There are MANY problems with the theory of the NAZIs gassing Jews which I won’t go into here. But I’ll make 2 very simple points (while excluding many others):

1. When you use Zyklon B it stains the walls a bright blue. The delousing chamber at Auschwitz is indeed stained blue. But no other building including the so-called gas chamber is blue! So clearly Zyklon B was NEVER used at the locations where they claim Jews were killed. NB: I don’t even know if Zyklon B was strong enough to kill human beings en masse. I’ve NEVER heard anyone address that. It had been sold for decades and I don’t think you’ll find any instances of people dying in their home from Zyklon B! So however poisonous it was, I doubt it was truly that dangerous … otherwise why would they sell it to civilians?

2. Zyklon B is supposed to produce cyanide gas which will kill you. When you die of cyanide poisoning your entire body turns bright red. There is not a single Jewish “eye witness” account of gassing at Auschwitz or anywhere else where they state that the people turned bright red. There isn’t a single reference to this anywhere in official holocaust literature.

There is some fascinating film footage that I’ve seen of a white man who committed suicide in a court room using cyanide. You can see him turning red as he begins dying.

Here are actual photos of what such corpses look like. Nowhere in any Jewish holocaust literature, nor in ANY Jewish “eye witness” testimony will you find them mentioning this fact. Jan]


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