USA: EXCELLENT: Whites are waking up… the UNTHINKABLE is now thinkable… an Interesting visit…


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Institute for Historical Review
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[A long time friend of mine in the USA, a conservative, Jew-wise, Christian lady sent me this interesting email about a Christian lady she knows. This is very good. This shows that ideas that were previously UNTHINKABLE, are now changing people. Jan]

This is what she wrote to me:

… and I just had an interesting unexpected visit.

A woman and her 20 year old daughter dropped by. We had met a few years ago but they were always hostile toward me socially.

Today was interesting because I answered the door and they were exceptionally serious and well informed. Previously they thought I was a conspiracy theorist. But they stayed 4 hours and told me about how the covid was fake and they refused to wear masks. That the disease would be used as a reason to put chemicals into the air and create vaccine passports. Also that Trump was still President and Biden was not in Washington DC, that his whole campaign was by video, that his wife Jill was miserable because it was all playing a role. They seem too old to be voluntarily taking on a stressful role like this.

These two women also knew a lot of things I had guessed, including that DC is very empty, it was a corporation that was financed by banks in London and Italy.

But this intelligence is widely available now. Trump has been sending out scathing letters about CCP Senator Mitch McConnell whom everyone calls “a turtle”. Trump called him “a sour old man with no personality. Did you see that letter? I will try and find a good copy for you. I enjoyed Trump punching back at these deep state people.

Yes they are white. I was always too conservative for them. Now they see truth and their liberal friends won’t talk to them.

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