From October 2020: Keith Olbermann: Terrorist Trump And His Enablers And Supporters Must Be Removed From Our Society – My Comments


[This is also good news because he mentions that Trump "opened Pandora's boxes". Herein lies the real value of Trump. He has dared to do things no other President would try. e.g. Fake news. His endless bashing of the Mass Media – was excellent stuff. This shows you why he is so HATED by the Elite, Liberals, Left and Jews. Jan]

Remove ACB fr society. @KeithOlberman in YouTube rant: “Trump can be and must be expunged….His enablers…the Mike Lee’s, the William Barr’s and the Sean Hannity’s and the Mike Pence’s…and the Amy Coney Barrett’s must be prosecuted and convicted and removed from our society”
— Brent Baker (@BrentHBaker) October 9, 2020

Keith Olbermann returned to politics this week after leaving ESPN again, easily attracting attention with this monologue.

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KEITH OLBERMANN: Trump can be, and must be, expunged. The hate he has triggered, Pandora’s boxes he has opened, they will not be so easily destroyed.

So, let us brace ourselves. The task is two-fold: the terrorist Trump must be defeated, must be destroyed, must be devoured at the ballot box, and then he, and his enablers, and his supporters, and his collaborators, and the Mike Lees and the William Barrs, and Sean Hannitys, and the Mike Pences, and the Rudy Gullianis and the Kyle Rittenhouses and the Amy Coney Barretts must be prosecuted and convicted and removed from our society while we try to rebuild it and to rebuild the world Trump has destroyed by turning it over to a virus.

Remember it, even as we dream for a return to reality and safety and the country for which our forefathers died, that the fight is not just to win the election, but to win it by enough to chase — at least for a moment — Trump and the maggots off the stage and then try to clean up what they left.

Remember it, even though to remember it, means remembering that the fight does not end on November 3rd, but in many ways, will only begin that day.


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