5 Graphics: US Hypocrisy: Chinese Nuclear missiles versus North Korean nukes: Also How many Nukes does Israel have?

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While doing some research I thought I’d show you the total insanity of the North Korean attempts at getting nuclear weapons. Here below is the danger posed by China’s nuclear missiles. But nobody ever speaks about that. Instead everyone focuses on North Korean and its tiny missile program. China is a much bigger threat but nobody ever discusses that. This should show you what a total crock of shit the discussions about North Korea’s missiles really is. Pure propaganda while ignoring several elephants in the room.

Below are lists from various sources of the nuclear forces of the world – along with all the elephants in the room that are constantly ignored. There is the bold Jewish BS about “The Samson Option” which I used to believe years ago. It claimed that Israel had 400 nukes aimed at other countries. My Jewish friend in Jerusalem back then (a lying piece of shit) claimed that the nukes were all aimed at Russia! Others claim these are aimed at European capitals. The reality seems to be that Israel has 80 nukes – while the Arabs have none.

My personal viewpoint is that if the Jews tried to attack European nations, especially the bigger ones like Italy, France, Germany, etc – I’m willing to bet you that those whites would be able to intercept and destroy those missiles easily … UNLESS of course a 911 inside job was arranged.

However the world is filled with stories of Iran’s danger and North Korea’s danger. All nonsense. In fact, I’m all for Iran to have nukes! Then the Jews will really be scared shitless. The Iranians are related to us whites. They used to be Aryans and they pose the strongest threat to the Jewish scum in Israel. The Jews are truly afraid of Iran because Iran takes no shit. Ditto Syria and in both you’ll see a bit of Aryan blood in those people. Look at their leaders. They’re supported by Russia from the days of communism.

For more practical purposes nukes have no military value when you’re facing advanced states. Its a topic I’ll discuss at some point in the future.

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