URGENT: 77 Hitler, German & other white history books for sale – limited time


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Attention: I’m currently in the USA for a short period of time. I’m currently with an old NAZI who was one of Rockwell’s StormTroopers from 1961-1963. During his life he collected a LOT of books about Hitler, Germans, NAZIS, racial issues, Jews, etc.

He has a surplus of books, of several hundred, including old magazines and white right and white nationalist and Nazi literature. He wants to get rid of it because he’s getting old. But he would like it to go to “a good home”. So this literature is only available during the time that I’m here.

He has thousands of other even better books which he is keeping – for the time being. Perhaps in the years ahead he will let this excellent material go too. I hope so.

A University came to his place and took a lot of the literature, especially the old stuff. But he still ha

I’ve quickly photographed the first 77 books below and numbered them as B1 to B77.

He also has 2 totally complete sets of encyclopedia’s – the one from 1929, the other from 1911. Really old books are very useful because the Jews come and rewrite history and hide things which used to be know. The list below does NOT include the encyclopedias.

These books are mainly available for people in North America who want to make an offer to the old guy, and we will post the books to you. You can see the titles of the books and can search for them on the internet to get more info.

Some are really rare. There is for example an old book on the diaries of Goebbels. There are really old books on RACE – the early days of racial studies in Europe. There is also a book that is falling apart, from WW1 – pure British propaganda – Hindenburg’s march on London.

These books are available for a very limited period of time. In the next week or so, I’ll can a lot more of the books. There are boxes of literature from the right wing and even full congressional records from past proceedings.

Give the numbers of the books and the amount of your offer, as well as the state/city you are in. He will decide if he accepts the offer and we can make arrangements for receiving the money and for posting the book to you.

If you are outside North America, we’ll have to calculate the postal costs.

NB: Any books/literature which are not sold will be handed over to another American who has a library of his own who will take them all. So if you are a serious National Socialist, and if you want to support someone who has quietly done good things for whites over the decades, then here’s your chance.

There are some strange books in this, the first list, including US Army manuals and other things I’ve never seen before. Most of the Rockwell material is all gone though. Here’s the list below.


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