UPDATE: The State of the Ukrainian Military information BLACKOUT – Is there a Russian BELGOROD BLACKOUT?

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The Ukrainians have not lifted the total military information blackout. But it seems that they have allowed some of their units to put out videos about various victories. So there is much more Ukrainian stuff coming out these days from the front line.

People who have never been in the military do not realise that there are processes. I’ll bet that each video that is allowed out, is first checked and given approval of and that no military commander or military unit may publish ANYTHING without an official approval. This is how ALL ARMIES WORK in the west. The Russians very likely follow exactly the same processes.

So you are still seeing skewed news of the war. You are NOT seeing everything.

Each side only puts out certain info. I am suspecting that a lot of the missile strikes by the Ukrainians inside Russia are not being seen.

Interestingly, there are those "Free Russians" who were raiding into Russia. Where are they now? Or are they back in Ukraine?

It appears to me that they are still inside Russia and have remained there and that we might have a blackout from the Russian side.

I will monitor this. If this is true then it will show that the Russians are gobsmacked regarding these guys and that it’s a horror for Russia and they don’t want to demoralise the Russian people.

We’ll have to watch this.

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