Trump 2024: Jews castrate ALL White Politicians….

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White Shop: Rhodesia: Military Patch: Be A Man Among Men Morale Patch
This patch is based on a Rhodesian Army Recruitment poster that we used to have in Rhodesia which read: Be a Man among Men.

One thing about politicians is that Jews know how to slice their balls off. I see that Trump is gaining in popularity, and I do hope he wins because despite him being racially and Jew-daically castrated he still actually does good.

The Jewish House of Cards is so weak, that even someone like Trump actually does a lot of damage to them.


Jews AGGRESSIVELY see to it that White Americans may NOT think about RACE.

The same is true these days for White South Africans.

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3 South African cities now rank among the 20 most violent in the world
This is an international report that was published recently. At this source link you‘ll see some interesting charts and statistics. South Africa was never like this under Apartheid.

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