Creativity Movement: Scottish History Writer Exposes Black Lives Matter

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Here we can listen to a couple of minutes of fair-minded sanity from author and television presenter, Neil Oliver, who exposes the so-called ‘Black Lives Matter’ rioters as the fiendish anti-White hypocrites that they are.

Here’s the video URL:

Oliver demonstrates that the mad rioting scum that like to go thronging through the streets, smashing, burning and looting, have a far less noble agenda than simply opposing slavery.

If these people did oppose slavery, they would not be directing their ire at statues of long dead merchants and philanthropists. They would instead be exposing the massive exploitation of people in the world today.

As a true pro-White man, as a Racial Loyalist – the ‘most evil of evils’ according to the lying controlled media – I go out of my way to ensure that my purchases are as ethical as they feasibly can be. I have literally scoured the web to find businesses that manufacture quality goods in Britain or other White countries, with a predominantly White work force.

Mobile phones are a particularly difficult area to make an ethical purchase. Not only are many of the parts obtained through unethical means, as explained by Neil Oliver, above, but the phones are also manufactured under slave labour conditions in China. As much as it irks me, we are left with little choice, unless we want to go without this technology.

I support change. First, and for a myriad of reasons, BOYCOTT CHINA.

Why aren’t the ‘noble human rights activists’ thronging in the streets over this shameful blight that is modern day slavery, of which so many governments are complicit?

It is pretty obvious. These absolute scum and the people that enable them don’t have a sincere, decent bone in their entire bodies.

Their agenda is simple: ATTACK WHITE PEOPLE!

~Rev. James Costello


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